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TRIPLE GRAND - Price: £750 + VAT

A complicated and stunning display featuring huge effects, large and spectacular multi-burst cascading fireworks. An ambitious package delivering impact and a formidable end-piece.

Choose Duration:

Up to 10 mins
Costing per minute:
Intensity: GOOD
This package uses mostly 1.4G multishot fireworks, combined with some aerial shells creating the most dramatic effect to produce a landscape display, with upto 5 stations fired simultaneously.

Up to 6 mins
Costing per minute:
Intensity: HIGH
This package uses a mix of 1.3G & 1.4G multishot fireworks and a greater use of display shells.

Up to 4 mins
Costing per minute:
Intensity: VERY HIGH
This package will use the largest calibre of 1.3G fireworks, producing a panoramic display, with upto 7 stations fired simultaneously, including more single shot fireworks effects such as mines and comets, including larger calibre shell size.

Your entire budget pays for the cost of fireworks only. We are different from other companies because we provide FREE OF CHARGE all materials, operators, risk assessment, set-up, clear up, and combined liability insurance, including a free local firing team.