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Seasons Greetings

Our top 5 New years traditions:

England: Singing Auld Lang Syne- Although few of us know the words for this traditional song! The title literally translates as "old long since" and means "times gone by."

Scotland (Hogmany): Just after the strike of midnight, neighbours visit each other to share their New Years Wishes. This is known as first footing. It is considered especially lucky if a tall dark handsome man enters your house first...

Japan: On New Years Eve, Buddhist temples strike their gongs 108 times, in a effort to expel 108 types of human weaknesses.

Spain: The Spanish eat 12 grapes to ensure 12 months of happiness ahead.

But our favourite tradition which just happens to be universal, is... yep you guessed it, fireworks. Capital cities, small communities, families and friends set the sky alight, celebrating the arrival of the New Year. Just imagine the view from space!

Let us know which country you thought had the best fireworks, and don't forget to send us your pictures of your mini displays!

Seasons Greetings from The Fireworks Firm Ltd

19 Dec 2011

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