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For years now we have put on a firework display for all the residents in our courtyard, the norm being buying fireworks from Tesco's, Homebase and places like B&Q.
This year as you know we came to you for the first time.
The display you set us up with WAS and I cannot say this LOUD enough: BRILLIANT; FANTASTIC!

In the end, the traffic was being stopped by about 200 people watching from the street outside our courtyard.
For the extra couple of pounds I would recommend you to everyone and more. We even had a couple of Tesco's high ends to start. . . when we started you ones in the order you gave, they blew away anything we have ever had EVER!
You will be seeing us again next year and maybe before should the occasion arise.

Mind you, you've got something special to beat next time.
Once again thank you for your professional and fantastic service.

I wish you all the very best and see you next year.

J Clark

13 Dec 2012

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