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A year ago I contributed to a family fireworks display.
The display was held at my partners sisters house, her name is Gill.
Gill and her partner George spent loads of money, (£150'ish) at the local supermarket, on fireworks.
The fireworks Gill and George bought were a bit rubbish to say the least. I spent around £60 on a firework from Absolutely Fabulous Fireworks.

The firework was called the X-FACTOR. This firework was the last one to be set off. ( mainly because it was the biggest ) :-)
What a firework! It was like being at a professional display and lasted for ages. It was a great finale, to an otherwise slightly disappointing evening of budget fireworks from a supermarket. :-(
What I remember the most were the oohs and ahhs coming from the kids in the garden and the sheer awe and excitement, on all their little faces when that firework went off. To me, that was priceless.
Trust me, I'd rather spend £60 on one decent firework than £100's on budget fireworks. The staff there are really helpful and friendly too.

You also get to watch video's of the fireworks you buy. That was cool too.
Remember, remember, the fifth of November. V

- Gavin Anyia

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18 Sep 2011

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