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News: COVID WEDDING Firework Display In LONDON 2021!
News: Baby gender reveal pyro show to the Parents and Family.
News: October 2017 Training Dates
News: Cutting the cake with a little extra spark!
News: Indoor Fireworks For 1st Dance
News: Wedding Fireworks For 1st Dance
News: NYE Opening Hours!!
News: Diwali is fast approaching!
News: Carters Fair, Free Fireworks Show at 9.00pm - Sat 27 August in Gosport
News: September 2016 Training Dates
News: High praise from high society!!
News: Upcoming training dates!
News: FREE firer training dates!!!
News: FREE Fireworks Training Days
News: October FREE Firer training sessions!
News: Why not check out our fireworks on the TV??!
News: Free Firer Training!!
News: New Firer Training
News: Come and watch a stunning free fireworks display.
News: 2013 Fireworks Demo Night!!!!
News: Stage Pyro certification
News: Free fireworks course/training day 14th September
News: Free fireworks course/training day 7th September
News: Free fireworks course/training day 11th May
News: New technology for the future trends for producing safer fireworks
News: The BBC interviews CEO
News: Free fireworks course/training day 20th April
News: Free fireworks course/training day 30th March
News: REBOOKING Bonfire Night
News: Free fireworks course/training day 23rd March
News: REBOOKING - Persian New Year
News: School REBOOKING their 12th Bonfire Night Event in Southampton
News: THE PERFECT ENDING - Wedding at Marriott Hanbury Manor Hotel
News: REBOOKING of Summer Festival fireworks display (Scottish Borders)
News: Wedding couples's testimonials from the 2013 Wedding Industry Awards
News: Another successful season
News: Shortlisted for the 2013 Wedding Industry Regional Awards
News: Firers Gathering - Bonfire night 2012
News: Avoid the queues, come in time!
News: Free fireworks training this coming Saturday
News: Firework demonstration night
News: Union Jack was flying high last night at the Olympic Park
News: Chiseldon House Wedding Fayre
News: Katherine and Sam's wedding
News: London Mela 2012
News: New range arriving
News: Pam Shriver's 50th Birthday
News: Come rain or shine, the show goes on!
News: Victorian mansion booking
News: Fireworks at Wimbledon SW19
News: Olympics booking
News: Diamond Jubilee - Slough
News: FREE Sky Lanterns to our Facebook Fans
News: Union Jack Sky Lanterns
News: Diamond Jubilee Fireworks
News: Mr Holland collects his prize
News: Trip to China
News: Competition Winner
News: 'From Our Customers' Web Album
News: Our latest shipment has arrived
News: Christmas Party
News: Seasons Greetings
News: Everchanging weather
News: Andrea and Clive
News: Christmas lights
News: Give the kids something to cheer about
News: Emma and Rob
News: Gloom and Doom - Where?
News: Stanley Crescent Garden
News: Sarah and Ian getting married
News: Firers gathering
News: Who said people don't like fireworks!
News: Video - Competition Winner
News: Weddings don't stop
News: Mobile Fireworks
News: Wedding Firework Video Montage
News: Light Up Your Diwali
News: Tim YOU WIN !!!
News: Wedding - Mike and Miranda
News: Interesting Facts about Fireworks
News: School is fun
News: Malta Day
News: Romantic Fireworks
News: Wedding of Hafeeza and Shiraz
News: Rebookings
News: Couple of Sword - Video Montage
News: Kelly and Darren getting married
News: Olly Murs - New single
News: Waterfall and Cheese Cake
News: Wedding - Chris and Sophie
News: Brilliant Events - Video Montage
News: Wedding - Natalie and Mark
News: Firers Training, 23 July
News: FREE Fireworks Show in Marlborough
News: Free Training for Firers, 16 July
News: FREE Fireworks Shows in London / Herts
News: Make 4th of July go with a Bang!
News: Public show at Walkerburn Fesitval
News: Wedding - Alison and Chris
News: School rebooks for Bonfire Fundraising
News: Wedding - Vinh and Huyen, Wandsworth, Greater London
News: Wedding - Nick and Emi, Buckinghamshire
News: Wedding - Sarah and Jeremy, Reading
News: Sports Club Fireworks - Long standing partnership
News: 20th Anniversary Celebrations
News: NEW Brothers firework range
News: 100th Birthday Fireworks
News: Free Show: 21 May at Carters Fair (London)
News: Award winning Fireworks - Hercules
News: Wedding - Chris and Victoria
News: Launch of the New Website
News: Free Fireworks Displays
News: Westminster Abbey
News: Phyllis Court Club and Prom Fair at Denbies Vineyard

WORLD NEWS about fireworks
News: We're counting down the days until we can open up our displays again with audiences allowed back on Monday 17th May and hopefully more celebrations this summer with friends and family. Store Opening Hours for 2021
News: Free Firework Training from MARCH 2021. Well done to Alex, Daniel, John, Liz, Matt, Paul & Tim for passing their British Pyro course as level 1 firers
News: Free Fireworks Show in London!
News: We have the X FACTOR!!
News: Illegal fireworks on the market...
News: FREE firework display in Central London!!!
News: Malta Day at Westminster Cathedral
News: UK Fireworks Championship!!!
News: A new royal prince!!!
News: 4th July Spectacle in Central London!!!
News: Happy Nowruz! (Persian New Year)
News: British Pyrotechnists Association welcomes. . .
News: CE Marking for Pyrotechnics
News: All SEVEN manslaughter charges
News: Everyone loves fireworks!! See the best display for New Year's Eve!!
News: Secretary of BFA passed away
News: Bonfire Night, London
News: BAA after Olympic party for all volunteers
News: British Pyromusical Championships 2012
News: Paralympic Opening Ceremony
News: Malta day 2012
News: Plymouth championship - waves crashing on pier all day
News: International Fireworks Competition Monaco 2012
News: UK Fireworks Championships 2012
News: No winners in Plymouth fireworks competition
News: What didn't make it to London 2012 Opening Ceremony
News: 100 days to Olympic Games
News: Changsha Competition, Part 3
News: Changsha Competition, Part 2
News: Changsha International Competition
News: Preparations
News: Dinner in Changsha
News: 12 inch shells in the competition
News: Events of 2012

Testimonial: Great Feedback! A happy returning customer
Testimonial: Bonfire Night show feedback
Testimonial: 1st Bonfire Night show of the season
Testimonial: Another successful Persian New Year!
Testimonial: A very Happy New Years Customer!
Testimonial: Another positive testimonial
Testimonial: A Very Happy Customer!
Testimonial: Another Happy Customer!
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Testimonial: Paul Rudd Birthday Celebration Testimonial
Testimonial: Wedding Fireworks Feedback
Testimonial: 50 & Absolutely Fabulous!!!
Testimonial: We just seem to be getting 'grander and grander' every year!
Testimonial: We love pleasing our customers!
Testimonial: Display at the Abbey was 'Abbey'solutely Fabulous!!!
Testimonial: Ian's been our customer for 20 years, hear what he has to say about us!
Testimonial: Another customer happy...just listen to Tamsin!
Testimonial: What can we say, they are already looking for an excuse to use us again!
Testimonial: Rebooking 5th of November
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Testimonial: The Scottish Highlands loved the fireworks!
Testimonial: Will and Olivia Testimonial
Testimonial: DIY customer - Nicola Mccourt
Testimonial: Testimonial - John
Testimonial: US Independence Day feedback
Testimonial: Never spent so well!!!
Testimonial: Wonderful Show!!!
Testimonial: Jim Malcolm
Testimonial: a MASSIVE thank you. . . for their gorgeous display on our special day
Testimonial: Google review - put a massive smile on my wife's face
Testimonial: View London Review - Sue and Jason's Wedding
Testimonial: Absolutely fantastic fireworks every year
Testimonial: Persian New Year event
Testimonial: Rustam School: "never been let down"
Testimonial: Fireworks?: this is the place to go
Testimonial: 102nd birthday of Imam celebrated with fireworks
Testimonial: Came in time as promised!
Testimonial: Enjoyed by all
Testimonial: Quality: Excellent Appeal: Excellent Service: Excellent Google review
Testimonial: ...great customer service & thoroughly professional...
Testimonial: Excellent fireworks display under very difficult WET conditions
Testimonial: NYE on a London rooftop with a swimming pool and fireworks!!
Testimonial: Gorgiana's Xmas Eve surprise. . .
Testimonial: Son's 21st Birthday Surprise
Testimonial: Our Best Event Ever!
Testimonial: Nina and family
Testimonial: Absolutely perfect
Testimonial: 10 years
Testimonial: Suitably impressed
Testimonial: Truly an amazing company
Testimonial: Barrie, one of our regulars
Testimonial: So overwhelmed by the theme
Testimonial: Fantastic, friendly customer service
Testimonial: Obvious experts
Testimonial: Blew the crowd away
Testimonial: US tennis star
Pam Shriver

Testimonial: Joe - 4th of July customer
Testimonial: You couldn't have been more helpful
Testimonial: Smiles on the faces of our guests
Testimonial: Shaun - diy customer
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Testimonial: Chinese Festival of Fireworks - Mark
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Testimonial: Wedding Photos of Priya and Mrinal
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